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Good Words Plant Seeds

Do you sometimes feel like the people in your life don’t listen to you? Do you think you might as well be speaking to the wall as I’ve heard some people say? Do you watch people make mistakes and then … Continue reading

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Make Someone’s Day Better ~ Express gratitude

When I visited my sister in San Diego, CA, I shopped at a large grocery store. My eyes landed on a tall black security guard scanning the store by the elevator. His towering frame looked intimidating but it also gave … Continue reading

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Communication Skills: The Healing Power of Kind Words

Have you ever had anyone speak kind words to you? Hopefully, we can all say yes! How did they make you feel? Good of course! We feel encouraged, refreshed, comforted, loved and cared for when someone is kind to us. There is … Continue reading

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Kindness Gives You Favor with People

A kind act or the quality of kindness in a person has a drawing power that gives you favor with people. My neighbor is Italian and fixes tasty dishes and desserts which from time to time she shares with us. Her … Continue reading

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