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Relationship Help: Does That Person Who Irritates You, Have a Purpose?

Do you have a family member, boss or co-worker  or maybe even a friend who irritates you by pointing out some shortcoming in your life more than once? Like sisters often do, my sister and I share freely with each … Continue reading

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Conflict Resolution: What to Do When You Have Problems with Resentment?

It takes courage to be honest and admit to a negative emotion such as resentment. Once we come out of denial and start seeing this in ourselves, we can feel bad that we are in that place. We know it’s wrong but we … Continue reading

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Forgiveness, What Makes it Difficult?

What causes us to be resentful and unforgiving? Every time someone offends or harms us in some way, they disregard a right we believe we should have. It is hard to release something we believe we have the right to and … Continue reading

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Whose Issue Is It?

When you are criticized and feel attacked, do you wonder what you did wrong?  Sometimes you do need to take a look at yourself and see if the criticism will help you grow. At other times when people are critical … Continue reading

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How Can You Get Out of the Resentment Trap?

A common problem many of us have is resentment in some area of our life especially as it relates to relationships. Hurtful things happen. That is a normal part of relationships. Webster dictionary defines resentment as “a feeling of indignant … Continue reading

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