Make Someone’s Day Better ~ Express gratitude

When I visited my sister in San Diego, CA, I shopped at a large grocery store. My eyes landed on a tall black security guard scanning the store by the elevator. His towering frame looked intimidating but it also gave me a sense of protection. On my way out I said, “Thank you for guarding us.” His serious face broke into a smile as he turned to me, “Thank you very much.”

At the same store one of the store clerks took me to two different places. I turned to him, “Thank you so much. I appreciate someone who takes the time to know their store.” He immediately broke into a wide grin and later went out of his way again to help me.

A few days later at an art fair, I saw a young man walking with a cane. He paused at a booth and I overhead him tell the sales clerk he arrived in the States two days ago from his military assignment overseas. “You can’t even imagine how happy I am to be on American soil.” I stood in the shade to avoid the heat of the day. As he limped by me I smiled at him. “Thank you much for protecting our freedoms.”

I do my best to make a habit to notice and affirm people because words encourage people in their good deeds and acts of service. As we express appreciation we model for our children and grandchildren how to be considerate and thoughtful. (tweet that if you like)

The other day, I took my twelve year old granddaughter out to celebrate her birthday. The waiter took a photo of us, helped me find my glasses when they fell and interacted with us in other caring ways.

As we paid for our dinner, I thanked him for being a caring and considerate waiter. Then I intentionally shared with my granddaughter on the way to the car, the importance of affirming people when they do good and helpful things. I told her, “When I see someone cleaning the public bathrooms, I try to remember to thank them.

Think about it. Our culture has a tendency to look down on those who work in those jobs but where would we be if we didn’t have people to clean the bathrooms, carry away the garbage and all those things we don’t like to do?

Often in the service industry, we take those who serve us for granted. These people don’t receive appreciation and yet they are an integral part of our society.

What can you do to make more of an effort to intentionally thank those who serve you? What have you done? Share with us what you think in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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