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Relationship Help–How to Say Goodbye To A Group

Have you ever had to leave an online or offline group or class? Or have you had someone leave and you are still in the group? Things have changed with the loose structure of some groups today and with the internet. … Continue reading

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Communication Skills: The Healing Power of Kind Words

Have you ever had anyone speak kind words to you? Hopefully, we can all say yes! How did they make you feel? Good of course! We feel encouraged, refreshed, comforted, loved and cared for when someone is kind to us. There is … Continue reading

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Resolving Conflict – How to Overcome Resistance to Something You Request

Today, I took charge of a situation and received resistance from a family member. When I shared this later with a older friend, she advised me, “Ask questions. I’ve found people in general and my husband in particular to be … Continue reading

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Relationship Help: How to Deal with a Negative Emotion

It takes courage to be honest and admit to a negative emotion such as resentment. Once you come out of denial and start seeing this in ourselves, you can feel bad that you are in that place. You know it’s wrong but … Continue reading

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