Communication Skills: The Healing Power of Kind Words

Have you ever had anyone speak kind words to you? Hopefully, we can all say yes! How did they make you feel? Good of course! We feel encouraged, refreshed, comforted, loved and cared for when
someone is kind to us.

There is something powerful that happens in someone’s heart when we say kind things to them. Did you know kindness is actually healthy for your body? I call it good “heart food!” Kind words are like honey, sweet and good for the heart. Delicious and nutritious!

It’s so easy to see the negative in each other. Change your focus for a moment and look for the good things and affirm those. You will be surprised what you can find when you look for it!

To be effective, kindness needs to be genuine and sincere and truthful, from one heart to another. What you say doesn’t have to be long or eloquent or profound though it can be all of these things. Just a simple expression about something you appreciate or admire will lift someone up.

Kind words not only strengthen the other person but saying them makes you feel good as well. Let’s share more of this wonderful “heart food” with each other.

Pause for a moment and think of someone you can say a kind word to. Take the time today to speak, call or write to someone today!

“Kind words are like honey— sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.” Proverbs 16:24 (NLT)

What has been your experience? What are some ways you’ve been able to experience the power of kindness?

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