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Relationship Help–Allow Someone to Struggle to Get Strong

“You can’t help them, can you?” I observed to my friend as we gazed at an egg incubator with about two dozen eggs. We watched one baby chick struggle as it pecked its way out of the eggshell. “No, they … Continue reading

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Forgiveness: Avoid This Mistake When You Forgive Someone

What attitude can sabotage an effort to forgive? How can your lack of knowledge actually make a situation worse? Recently a friend and I went to lunch together. On the drive there, I shared with Linda* about my blog to … Continue reading

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Why Shouldn’t You Use Should?

The other day I received an email from someone, “You should have told me earlier….” The tone felt like a scolding. As it turns out the situation was not my fault for not letting her know earlier because I didn’t … Continue reading

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Is Criticism the Best Way to Get a Person to Change?

Do you think that criticizing someone over and over is the way you get them to change? You know the “How many times have I told you…” syndrome. Sometimes we think with our children or spouses or other loved ones … Continue reading

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Building Trust in Relationships: What Helps Someone Depend on You?

Have you ever depended on someone who said they would be at a certain place at a designated time and they never show up? Or have you relied on someone who says they will help you when you truly need … Continue reading

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Conflict Resolution: How Do You Handle Relationship Mistakes?

Have you made a mistake in your relationship communication? Maybe you lost your temper or said things you wish you had not said. Maybe you’ve made decisions that damaged the relationship. What do you do now? 7       Tips on How to Handle Your … Continue reading

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How Do You Get Over Being Offended?

When someone offends you, what do you want to do in response? When someone does something to offensive, a natural reaction, out of your own pain, is to lash back. You want to hurt them back or let them know that was … Continue reading

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Do You Withdraw When You are Hurt?

“What is one of your biggest challenges in your marriage?” I asked a newly married young woman. “Learning to communicate. Neither one of us learned how to do that very well.” “What happens?” I inquired to understand a little more. … Continue reading

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How Do You Get out of a Negative Place in a Relationship?

If you want your life to change for the better, you have to change your thinking. You have to be open to a new perspective and a new level of understanding. This applies to relationships as well. Sometimes you get stuck … Continue reading

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Forgiveness, What Makes it Difficult?

What causes us to be resentful and unforgiving? Every time someone offends or harms us in some way, they disregard a right we believe we should have. It is hard to release something we believe we have the right to and … Continue reading

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