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When You Say Goodbye, It’s Okay to Cry

“I’m happy we made it this far but I feel sad because this is the last game I’ll play with the seniors. I’ve played soccer with them ever since I started.” My daughter’s soccer team had just won second in … Continue reading

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Make Someone’s Day Better ~ Express gratitude

When I visited my sister in San Diego, CA, I shopped at a large grocery store. My eyes landed on a tall black security guard scanning the store by the elevator. His towering frame looked intimidating but it also gave … Continue reading

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Why Shouldn’t You Use Should?

The other day I received an email from someone, “You should have told me earlier….” The tone felt like a scolding. As it turns out the situation was not my fault for not letting her know earlier because I didn’t … Continue reading

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Take Time to Celebrate!

Take time to celebrate your friend’s achievements. Sometimes we get so busy with life, we don’t take time to celebrate as we go along. Recently, a friend finished a writing course she has been working on for two years. She … Continue reading

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Relationship Help: How to Handle Relationship Mistakes

Have you ever blown it in the way you handled a relationship or a relationship situation? Maybe you you were not as considerate or as kind as you would like. Maybe you made a  mistake that caused hurt to the other person … Continue reading

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Building Trust in Relationships: What Helps Someone Depend on You?

Have you ever depended on someone who said they would be at a certain place at a designated time and they never show up? Or have you relied on someone who says they will help you when you truly need … Continue reading

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How to Find Joy in Hard Times

Last Saturday, I woke up to rain outside and rain in my heart due to some hard life circumstances. In addition to that, my throat was sore and my head pounded. I had promised to take my newly adopted teenage … Continue reading

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10 Powerful Tips For Sharing Thoughts and Feelings

When you need to talk to someone about an issue, do you feel insecure? Are you a little intimidated? Are you worried about the other person’s response? When you want to confront an issue, knowing how to use good communication … Continue reading

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Kindness Gives You Favor with People

A kind act or the quality of kindness in a person has a drawing power that gives you favor with people. My neighbor is Italian and fixes tasty dishes and desserts which from time to time she shares with us. Her … Continue reading

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How Do You Break Off a Conversation Without being Rude?

What do you do when you in are in the middle of a conversation and you have to go?  Maybe you have an appointment or someone is coming over or you have other things to do. You don’t want to be … Continue reading

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