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When You Say Goodbye, It’s Okay to Cry

“I’m happy we made it this far but I feel sad because this is the last game I’ll play with the seniors. I’ve played soccer with them ever since I started.” My daughter’s soccer team had just won second in … Continue reading

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Good Words Plant Seeds

Do you sometimes feel like the people in your life don’t listen to you? Do you think you might as well be speaking to the wall as I’ve heard some people say? Do you watch people make mistakes and then … Continue reading

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Conflict Resolution–How to Resolve Conflict Quickly

When tempers flare or an offense is taken, do you resolve your conflicts quickly? Roselyn made a communication mistake. Instead of using an “I” message when she talked with her adult daughter, Lily about a sensitive issue, she used the … Continue reading

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Relationship Help–How to Say Goodbye To A Group

Have you ever had to leave an online or offline group or class? Or have you had someone leave and you are still in the group? Things have changed with the loose structure of some groups today and with the internet. … Continue reading

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How do You Talk to Your Teen?

Have you noticed that sometimes teens are a little more withdrawn and not as eager to talk? Not always but often this happens with teenagers. If you’ve wondered how to connect with your teen then read on. 3 Tips on … Continue reading

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Love and Delight in Children and Bring Out the Beauty Within

Do you ever wonder if you are doing the right things for your kids? Do you worry about whether or not you are doing enough or that you are adequate as a parent? If so here is some reassuring news. … Continue reading

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What Do You Do When You Don’t Use Good Communication Skills?

Have you ever blown it in the way you communicate? Maybe you know better but you still revert back to old habits. Normally, I try to take my own advice and am careful about how I communicate especially on sensitive … Continue reading

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What Compelling Attitude Can Turn a Foe into a Friend?

What do you do when someone opposes you and talks bad about you? If you’ve ever wondered how to handle this kind of situation, read on for one approach that may work for you. Most of the time, you will … Continue reading

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10 Powerful Tips For Sharing Thoughts and Feelings

When you need to talk to someone about an issue, do you feel insecure? Are you a little intimidated? Are you worried about the other person’s response? When you want to confront an issue, knowing how to use good communication … Continue reading

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How Do You Break Off a Conversation Without being Rude?

What do you do when you in are in the middle of a conversation and you have to go?  Maybe you have an appointment or someone is coming over or you have other things to do. You don’t want to be … Continue reading

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