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Conflict Resolution: How Do You Help Kids Resolve Conflict?

My kids’ giggles burst through the closed doors into my work area where I am trying to focus! I love the sound. Though they had an argument earlier because they’ve learned to resolve conflict, they were able to work through … Continue reading

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What is a Simple Way to Build Up Your Family?

  Life is challenging! Keeping up with family chores is not always fun. What is a simple thing you can do to encourage your family and make their efforts worthwhile?   Express appreciation for what they do. Appreciation inspires people … Continue reading

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How do You Talk to Your Teen?

Have you noticed that sometimes teens are a little more withdrawn and not as eager to talk? Not always but often this happens with teenagers. If you’ve wondered how to connect with your teen then read on. 3 Tips on … Continue reading

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Love and Delight in Children and Bring Out the Beauty Within

Do you ever wonder if you are doing the right things for your kids? Do you worry about whether or not you are doing enough or that you are adequate as a parent? If so here is some reassuring news. … Continue reading

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