Hi, I’m Sharon Gibson. Relationship communication has fascinated me most of my life. I can remember as a teenager reading stories and wishing the characters would talk things out so they could understand each other.

My natural inclination to resolve conflict in my family moved me to talk things out and work through issues with my sisters and facilitate peace between them.

When I managed two gift stores, I learned how to work through issues with the employees.

However, when I had my teens is when my learning of how to resolve conflict intensified.

My husband and I adopted seven teens from poverty and abusive backgrounds, an American boy, a Brazilian boy, and two girls from Colombia, South America.

My desire to resolve the issues that came up drove me to seek wisdom from books, counseling, the Bible, prayer, and communications courses.

Through reading, counseling, and prayer, I found ways for us to talk through things so we could be at peace with each other. In that process, the teens also learned how to resolve conflict if they wish.

Additionally, I’ve worked through conflict with extended family members and friends. Through my life experience, I’ve gained wisdom discovered principles that I believe will help you resolve conflict in your relationship issues. I also glean the riches of the wisdom of the Bible, my reading of relationship books, and a degree in Speech Communication and Human Relations.

I am a published author and for those who are interested, here is a list of my publishing credits so far.

My experience as a published author includes:

My parents did mission work in Africa in what used to be the Belgian Congo. I went to school in Kenya, East Africa.

My work experience includes being an elected Representative in a Midwestern State, owner with my husband of two gift stores, a teacher at a Ranch for men from Skid Row L.A. where my husband was the director, a product manager in the marketing department, and the director of communications for Hopeful Hearts Ministries. Most recently, serving as a substitute teacher for our school district.

As far as other interests, art enraptures my heart. I’m drawn to impressionism and realism and especially nature scenes. Personally, I enjoy painting with watercolor, especially flowers.  I also do some calligraphy and used to do scrapbooking. I benefit from exercising regularly and especially walking outside. I take pleasure in eating healthful foods and seek natural remedies. I love to read, to learn, and grow as a person.