Would you like to be closer to the people in your life? If so, you’re in the right place.

This website shares communication tools that will help you move from conflict to peace in your relationships.

  • Discover ways to move out of negative places into more positive places.
  • Uncover secrets that will give you favor in your relationships.
  • Come closer to the people in your life or realize you need to let go.

Have you ever desired to have more ways to work through relationship problems and conflict in relationships? You’ll find tools here.

Would you like to know how to address, in constructive ways, the issues that bother you? You’ll gain inspiration and ideas on this website.

Hi, I’m Sharon Gibson. I’ve adopted seven teenagers from poverty and abusive backgrounds. Needless to say, we had plenty of conflicts! My desire to love and connect with them drove me to seek principles on how to work through the various issues we had.

We learned how to work through conflict so we could be at peace with each other. The side benefit is that we ended up being closer to each other.

These principles work for me with other family members, friends, and co-workers. They help me to work through challenging issues to a peaceful resolution.

A basic human desire is to know and to be known, to be accepted and understood. We were created to have a relationship with God and with each other. And yet it’s common to get hurt, stuck and alienated from each other.

The problem with this kind of separation is that we miss out on all that person has to give us and they miss out on all we have to give them.

There are tools that can bring about reconciliation and help you work through your issues so you can enjoy the benefits of more meaningful, peaceful relationships.

Think of this site as a toolbox. Everyone already has some communication tools. The more tools you have, the more flexibility you have in a variety of situations. This blog will give you more tools.

Bookmark this site and refer back to it. The tips will help you when you have conflicts and remind you of what you need to know to be successful in your relationships.

Adapt these principles to fit your personality and the people you relate to. We are all unique individuals, so take that into consideration. What may work with one may not work with another. There are not cookie-cutter solutions to every problem, but there are universal principles.

Conflict is usually scary and we want to run away from it rather than toward it. However, when equipped with an understanding of how to resolve conflicts, conflicts will be less frightening. Keep your eyes on the rewards of addressing issues you have with others.

Once you work through conflicts, amazing things happen. You experience more closeness and a greater sense of security in the relationship.

Share with me what works for you and what doesn’t and those situations may spur an additional post. Also, share your challenges and questions. I want this to be an interactive journey. We can learn from each other.

Let’s grow together!

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