Whose Words are You Going to Listen to?

Have you ever had someone say hurtful, untrue things about you? Maybe there was a grain of truth in what they said but their tone was so hostile it dragged you down?

We can all benefit from constructive criticism and any time someone criticizes us, it is always good to look for the truth in it. This helps us grow.

However there are times when the spirit behind the words is simply to put you down. Sometimes it is more the other person’s issue than yours. What are you going to do?

Someone close to me unloaded a lot of hurtful words against me one time. As I searched to find the grain of truth, I sensed that this was not constructive criticism. I heard God say to me, “Whose words are you going to listen to?”

Immediately, I realized that I needed to start thinking about what God says about me. Thoughts came to mind from Him such as “You are precious to me. I am pleased with you. You are my cherished one. I delight in you.” Soon those thoughts lifted me out of the emotion pit and I let go of the other hurtful thoughts.

How about you? When someone lashes out at you with untruthful negative accusations, think about positive things God says about you in the Bible. Make a list of verses that affirm how much God values you.

Another helpful strategy is to recall some positive words a friend said. Keep an affirmation file of positive things people have said about you. Review these when you are down. They can give you a boost.

The Bible tells us we need to guard our hearts. Our hearts and what we think on, can either drag us down or give us life. Therefore, be careful what you think. Feed your mind with life giving positive words.

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. Proverbs 4:23 (NIV)

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