What Will Sustain You in Difficult Times?

What is important to you in life? Are your relationships important to you? Do you nurture them to make them strong?

 A long term friend faces an end of life diagnosis. As she faces death, she teaches me how to live. Her accomplishments are not what sustain her now, it’s the friends and people she’s helped along the paths she’s walked.

When I visited with her recently, she smiled and said, “I feel so blessed. I have family who cares and friends who wait on me, take care of me and come to see me. Though it’s not easy, I have peace. Some people have to go through something like this alone but I have many people who care.”

 As I’ve watched her over the years, one characteristic I’ve observed is consistent reaching out to help others. As a result, she’s built some strong relationships with people who are there for her now in her time of need.

 We live in a culture which focuses on achievement and those things are important. Equally important and even more important are the relationships you invest in and develop. Sometimes people disregard the value of those relationships, abuse and destroy them not recognizing the treasures that they have in those people. They end up isolated and alone because their goals were more important than the people they trampled on to achieve them.

 Good relationships take work! When you invest in the nurture and care of those relationships and do what is needed to resolve whatever conflicts you have, you will usually benefit in the long term.

 How about you? How are you doing in the relationship department? Any relationships you need to work on or repair? The back issues of this blog will help give you insights that will help. Learn from my friend, and take time to invest in relationships!

 “…These three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” I Corinthians 13:13 (NIV)

What are you doing to nurture your relationships and make them strong? How can I support you? Let me know in the comments below.

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