What About Those Things People Do That Bug You?

What do you do about those little things people do or say that bother you? If you’ve wondered what to do about those, read on for an option that may help you get less frustrated.

One time after I came home from a visit to another state, I emailed a friend. During a lunch we enjoyed together, I said something and later worried I may have offended her. I apologized to her, told her I valued her friendship and hoped she would forgive me. She wrote back and said, “Thanks for the apology but don’t worry. I figure that friends are going to step on each other’s toes from time to time.”

She is a wise woman. She wasn’t going to let an offense hurt our friendship. I’m glad I took the time to apologize and to be reassured of her grace.

What about those things that family, friends and acquaintances do that annoy us? It is important to address some things especially if they are harmful to the relationship. At the same time there are many offenses that we simply need to be wise and overlook. 

One of my daughters calls me at the last minute to do a favor for her. I’ve asked her to give me advance notice but she doesn’t. I’m not going to change her so now I simply decide whether or not I’m going to adjust my schedule or not. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I say no.

A family member  asked me repeatedly to shut the bedroom door so the dog won’t get in to eat the cat food. Most of the time I do but I still get preoccupied and forget. He used to get upset. Now he simply informs me that I left the door open again.

I sure you can think of many other offensive types of things people in your life do. We are all imperfect peope. We are going to make mistakes and sometimes repeatedly. Understanding that fact gives us the patience to deal with the annoying things. Wisdom gives us the patience and strength to choose our battles.

“A man’s wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offense.” Proverbs19:11

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