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Let Go of Offenses Quickly

My sister and I have relationship conflict. We’re two strong individuals with definite opinions about what we want and what we think. I have gone and stayed with her for extended periods, sometimes even a couple of months, so there … Continue reading

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When Not to Talk Things Out–3 Tips

One of the challenges in relationship communication is getting people to talk things out with each other to achieve better understanding of each other. Is there ever a time not to talk things out? Roselyn and Joyce talked on the … Continue reading

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How to Let Go of an Offense

Whatever you focus on increases. If you focus on an offense from someone, the anger and resentment increases. If you focus on trying to understand yourself and the other person, your wisdom and understanding will increase. You’ll find a new … Continue reading

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Conflict Resolution: Do You Walk on Eggshells Around Certain People?

Do you feel like you are walking on eggshells around some people? This post will give you some tips and insights how to respond to the person that will empower you.
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