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Resolving Conflict: How to Avoid Exploding in Anger

Someone pushes your buttons. Your face turns red. Your heart starts to pound. Your hands start shaking. You are about to go off like a volcano. The only problem is if you do, you may do as much destruction as … Continue reading

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Conflict Resolution: What Do You Do When Someone Gets Angry With You?

Have you ever experienced someone yelling at you? Have you had someone exploded in anger over something you did or didn’t do? Maybe you didn’t even do anything but someone still lost their temper with you. Maybe you feel attacked. … Continue reading

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How Do You Let Go When Everything in You Cries Out No?

Have you ever felt like you were in a power struggle with someone? Conflicts can become power struggles. How do these conflicts get resolved? One person has to choose to do things different. When you chose to change your response, … Continue reading

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