Relationship Help: How to Handle Relationship Mistakes

Have you ever blown it in the way you handled a relationship or a relationship situation? Maybe you you were not as considerate or as kind as you would like. Maybe you made a  mistake that caused hurt to the other person and damaged the relationship.

Maybe you were too critical of your child, your spouse, a sibling, good friend or coworker.  Or you didn’t treat them with respect. You feel sorry now and regret the mistakes and wonder what you can do to repair the situation. Maybe even the other person said some hurtful things as well.

I’ve been in that situation many times. Not always, but usually, you can go back and make it right with the person.

If you can, by all means go to the person or child and apologize. Even if the other person was wrong too, you can only be responsible for your part of the problem.  Apologize as soon as possible after an offense. However, even if it’s been a while or even a long time ago you can still bring healing with an apology.

Next, do your best to be faithful in the area you hurt the person or your child. If you need to apologize for the things you said or did, then be careful not to do those things in the future. This is often an up and down process so be patient with yourself. If you are sincere in your attempts to change, this will rebuild and restore the trust that has been broken.

If you can’t go to that person or make a situation right, determine to make different and better choices in future relationships.

God knew we would not be perfect. He knew we would make mistakes and so He gives second chances and ways to redeem ourselves. Though the pain of the consequences may be real, you can learn from your mistake.

You can turn around and make better choices and regain honor by being faithful in the very area you were weak in before. Is that cool or what?

Additionally, you can bring healing to the other person and your relationship can be restored. An apology makes wrong things right again.

How good of God to give us a way to be reconciled to each other by assuming responsibility for our mistakes and a chance to do it right.

“Though love and faithfulness sin is atoned for; through the fear of the Lord a man avoids evil.” Proverbs 16:6 (NIV)


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