Relationship Help: How to Deal with a Negative Emotion

It takes courage to be honest and admit to a negative emotion such as resentment. Once you come out of denial and start seeing this in ourselves, you can feel bad that you are in that place. You know it’s wrong but you are not sure how to get out of this miserable trap.

Recently, I shared a situation with a friend that caused me to be resentful. She looked at me, “That is a tough situation. I understand why you would be resentful. Her empathy helped me to realize that I didn’t need to condemn myself either.

God understands our struggle too. When you admit that you have resentment and have a desire to give it up, God will show us the way out. He understands why we are resentful. He knows what has been done to us. He doesn’t judge us. He understands us and accepts us where we are at.

Acceptance is the first step toward change. When we feel loved and accepted, it gives us the ability to admit our weaknesses. Condemnation keeps us stuck. Grace gives us strength and empowers us to change.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. When you sincerely seek to give resentment up,
God will help you. He understands that sometimes it can take time. God loves you and is patient with you so be patient with yourself.

Take courage knowing that His grace is sufficient for you. Keep coming to Him
with the problem to seek His help and each time you will find the wisdom and the strength to overcome it a little more until you are free.

“Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death.” Romans 8:1,2 (NIV 1984)

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